JG Jones Joins BOOM!, Teases 'Edgy' Project with Mystery Co-Writer

Acclaimed artist and Eisner Award nominee JG Jones joins BOOM! Studios' burgeoning line up of talent, joining names like George Perez, Justin Jordan, Mark Waid and others who have inked deals with the growing publisher in recent months.

Jones, who is best known for his work on DC Comics titles like the Grant Morrison-scripted "Final Crisis," and Top Cow/Image Comics' "Wanted" with co-creator Mark Millar, not only plans to illustrate his as-yet unnamed BOOM! comic, but will make it his professional writing debut. Joining Jones on the project is an unnamed co-writer.

Describing the project as an 'edgy little piece that can only be published in one place,' Jones' teaser lines up nicely with Waid's recent BOOM! announcement, which he described as "pretty dangerous and not the not the kind of thing that I think any other comic company would touch." Waid also teased his collaborator, saying they are "one of the most revered artists in comics and somebody I've wanted to work with for a long time but never have."

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