Jewish activists threaten boycott of London stores selling 'Hipster Hitler'

A group of Jewish activists is threatening to boycott and protest outside stores in the London borough of Camden that sell Hipster Hitler, a collection of the webcomic that satirizes hipster culture and the Third Reich.

If that doesn't work, the Hampstead & Highgate Express reports, members of London Stands With Israel plan to buy and shred all copies of the comic, which some say is "sick" and "anti-Semitic." They're specifically targeting Mega City Comics, a Jewish-owned store in Camden Town.

Created in 2010 by James Carr and Archana Kumar, the webcomic stars an Adolf Hitler who wears trendy glasses, skinny jeans, thrift-store sweaters and shirts bearing slogans like "Eastside Westside Genocide," "I (Heart) Juice" and "Death Camp For Cutie."  It also features characters like Broseph Stalin, a sendup of the Soviet leader. Hipster Hitler quickly drew attention on Reddit, inspiring an Internet meme, T-shirts and homemade Halloween costumes.

Carr and Kumar say on their website that the comic wasn't created "with the intent of offending people."In constructing Hitler as a Hipster we’re offering a new way of disliking Hitler and laughing at the 'lazy dictator' he was, who is known for being indolent, maniacal at times, with violent bursts of enthusiasm," they explain. "In the process of satirizing Hitler’s thoughts, actions and logic, we’re taking a few digs at a contemporary subculture of urban, middle-class youth that fetishize the ‘authentic’ and conform to non-conformism."

However, London Stands With Israel member Shania Angel accused the creators of “making Hitler cute." ““The book is a disgrace and should be banned," she told Ham&High.

Martin Kravetz, owner of Mega City Comics, told the newspaper he doesn't find the comic offensive.

“The book doesn’t contain references to the Holocaust. It’s a satirical piece, making jibes at the expense of both Hitler and hipster," he said. “Our customer base is predominantly adult, and I think they can identify a satirical piece for what it is.”

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