'Jetcat Clubhouse' TPB coming this August

Official Press Release

[Jetcat Clubhouse]Oni is pleased to announce the August release of the trade paperback collection of Jay Stephens' JETCAT CLUBHOUSE. The book will house all three of the Oni Press issues, starring Jetcat, Tutenstein, Ploppy, Oddette, and all the hilarious characters of Stephen's fun-for-all-ages world. In keeping with the format of the original comics, most of the book will be in black-and-white, but there will also be 24 pages in color, including a recolored Oddette story from Dark Horse's SCATTERBRAIN anthology.

"People see the phrase 'all ages' and think, 'Oh, kid's comics,'" commented Oni publisher Joe Nozemack. "Not Jay Stephens. He understands that 'all ages' means suitable for everybody-and as a result, he makes some of the coolest comics on the planet. It's impossible not to smile when reading JETCAT CLUBHOUSE, and that holds true whether you're in kindergarten, sipping a mocha in Starbucks, or in a retirement home."

"I am excited that this material is getting collected," Stephens said. "I look at JETCAT CLUBHOUSE as a cross between those giant Walt Disney comics paperbacks we all loved as kids and MAD Magazine. You get a ton of stories under one cover, and you never know where you're going to go every time you turn the page."

Retailers and fans should be aware that JETCAT CLUBHOUSE does have a multimedia tie-in. In addition to the Jetcat shorts that appeared on Nickelodeon a couple of years ago, there is also a Tutenstein cartoon series in production with the Discovery Channel, premiering on the NBC Saturday morning block in March 2003.

"As far as Oni is concerned, Jay Stephens and JETCAT is one of our best candidates for mainstream appeal," said Oni editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "His comics and characters are just so easy to love, and they don't seem all that out of place next to things like THE POWERPUFF GIRLS or SPY KIDS. When TUTENSTEIN premieres, JETCAT CLUBHOUSE will serve as a perfect purchase for new fans looking to sample the comics."

JETCAT CLUBHOUSE is scheduled to ship on August 14, 2002. It is a digest-sized comic book with 80 pages of black-and-white story and art, 24 pages of color, and it retails for 10.95. This material is suitable for all ages.

For a peek at the JETCAT characters, visit http://www.jaystephens.com.

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