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Over the course of nearly eight years, Jessica Nigri has become the unrivaled most popular cosplayer in the world right now. She has been cosplaying ever since 2009 and almost immediately attracted internet attention when she dressed up as Pikachu. Her "Sexy Pikachu" costume went viral after bringing it to that year's San Diego Comic Con.

Since then, she has turned her part time hobby of cosplay modelling into a full blown career. After long, hard work and dedication, she has become the most well known and best in her field. Many of us have followed her career and work in front of the camera for so long that we are rather intrigued to see more of her behind the camera, even though it's quite difficult at times because she doesn't vlog regularly. However, thanks to the candid pictures that she takes on social media, we get a small glimpse of what her life might look like when she isn't taking pictures in front of the camera. With that said, here are some of our favorite pictures of Jessica Nigri that we found on her Instagram page that aren't her usually glamorized cosplay heavy pics.


Being an internet famous celebrity comes with a long list of perks, namely when it comes to traveling around the world. Famous people have seemingly never ending amounts of opportunities, resources, and money that allows them to travel all over the world. Earlier this year, Jessica Nigri used her special brand of privilege to travel to this spot. Does it look familiar?

It should, because Nigri is in Hawaii and she is standing right in front of the waterfall that was used in the making of the original Jurassic Park movie. We won't jump to conclusions and expect that this could be foreshadowing a cameo by Nigri in the next Jurassic World movie, but we certainly would not be opposed to seeing something like that happen.


Jessica Nigri's cosplay as Lollipop Chainsaw character Juliet Starling is a favorite among many of her fans, but it is also a cosplay that got her in some trouble. Back in 2012, she showed up to the PAX East Show in Starling's signature hot pink jumpsuit and was hired to play the character for the Lollipop Chainsaw booth. Unfortunately for Nigri, she was asked by the expo staff to leave the show floor because her costume was deemed inappropriate.

She returned to PAX the next day in the costume and was asked to leave again until she changed her outfit. When she returned to the floor wearing Starling's patented cheerleader outfit, she was asked to change again or else her presence would be restricted to a demo area inside a bus in the game's booth.



When she is not cosplaying a multitude of outfits for the sake of growing her online following, she does so simply to have fun and enjoy the scenery. While she did don this Alexstrasza get-up in homage to World of Warcraft for a number of photoshoots, this also happened to be her attire of choice this year when attending this year's BlizzCon, a convention created in celebration of Blizzard Entertainment, the studio that brought us World of Warcraft.

While at the convention, Nigri happened to spend much of her time hanging out with good pals The Dogeman (a photographer) and Katrina Fox (a fellow cosplayer). From the looks of all the BlizzCon pics that she posted on her Instagram page, it looks like Nigri and Co. had a blast there.


We sometimes underestimate the kind of hard work and dedication it takes for anyone to be a model or a cosplayer. When posing for pictures, they have to spend countless hours each day getting pics snapped at them and struggling to find the right frame until they finally strike gold. Here is a selfie of Jessica Nigri sitting in front of a huge stack of polaroid pictures taken from one photoshoot in one costume.

Imagine how long it takes to do a photoshoot where the model has to do several shots in multiple costumes in one day. Seeing how much work it takes to be a model cosplayer stacked on the table in front of her makes us appreciate what she does for a living even more.


One of the beautiful things about cosplaying for those involved in the practice is just how easy it is for cosplayers to connect with each other. All it takes is some special meetup or a convention for cosplayers to find a way to interact with each other. There is nothing more beautiful nor exciting than someone with an incredible passion for anything (like cosplay) to run into someone who is equally passionate about what they love so that they can gush all day about their passions.

This is one of those instances. Here, Jessica Nigri attended a convention dressed up as Goku from Dragon Ball Z and by a luck of the draw, she ran into someone else in attendance who was dressed up as Goku.


Millions of followers across the world have fallen in love with the many cosplay costumes which Jessica Nigri has graced the internet with, but every now and again, it is nice to see Nigri peel back all of her costumes and showcase her infectious personality to the world. When one manages to take away the cosplay aspects of Nigri, we are left with an incredibly silly and wildly funny persona that anyone would be chuffed with meeting in person.

Unless it is for the sake of her occasional vlog on Youtube, we rarely are given the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the person that Nigri is behind the camera, but when we do catch that glimpse, it is always an entertaining sight to see.

9 "AYE YO"

Well, this most certainly is an interesting image to dissect and behold -- quite the eye full as well. Difficult to really peg down and explain what this image is in words. At least not without saying what most of the readers are already thinking. Yes, we do in fact know exactly what you are thinking, you dirty sods. Nonetheless, what we see is what we get and, boy, do we get a lot here.

If we had to boil it down to a few more words, let us boil it down to another layer to Jessica Nigri's amusingly silly personality. And boredom. No one takes a selfie with the tagline "AYE YO" without being just a little bit bored in between photoshoot takes. Been there, done that.


Jessica Nigri does not divulge too much about her personal life outside of her cosplay, but she has left little hits here and there throughout her social media platform. From the looks of it, she is dating Fake Nerd Boy. For the past year or so, he has been littered throughout her Instagram page cozied up with her in different pictures and if we are being quite honest, the two look adorable together.

We are taking more or less a stab in the dark by just assuming that the two are shackled up to one another, but we would be lying if we did not admit that we would be heartbroken if they were not actually dating. They just look so gosh darn cute together!


We've all been in a predicament where we have to take a picture for someone and have no idea how to take that picture. We don't know if we should smile, look at the camera, ignore the camera, act silly, etc. We try to calm ourselves down by telling ourselves to "act natural," but let's be really, that only makes things worse. By telling ourselves to act natural, we subliminally and unintentionally motivate ourselves to pull off the most unappealing "derp" face that one can ever imagine.

For those who don't understand what exactly a "derp" face is, we give you Exhibit A: Jessica Nigri. Now, of course it is more than likely that she pulled this face to be silly for the sake of being silly, but that doesn't make it any less derpy.


A great professor of medicine from New York City named Jon Kabat-Zinn once said that "When you pay attention to boredom, it gets unbelievably interesting." We have to wonder if he imagined anything remotely similar to this image of Jessica Nigri because we can only imagine that Nigri had to be mighty bored to conceive something as odd as this. Although, it is creative. We'll give her that.

We wouldn't pay for it at a museum, but we can see why someone may look at this as if it was a work of art. Still, this picture looks like the work of someone who finished up all their photoshoots for the week and had nothing but time on their hands to make something weird like this.


Dorobo Neko (Alice in real life) is a cosplayer most famous for looking like the spitting image of Emilia Clarke whenever she cosplays as Daenerys from Game of Thrones. She may not have a following that mirrors that of Jessica Nigri, but she sure has attracted the attention of avid Game of Thrones fans. She looks so similar to the Game of Thrones actress that fans often mistake Dorobo Neko for the actress herself whenever they see cosplay pics of her.

Jessica Nigri took a pic with Dorobo Neko at a meet and greet session and during the pic decided to cosplay as one of Dany's dragon children, minus actually wearing the dragon child cosplay. That probably would have been going overboard if she did.


One of the perks that come with being a worldwide famous cosplay celebrity is that it allows one the opportunities to meet some of the most talented people that the entertainment industry have to offer. Here, she met award winning actor Mads Mikkelsen. American audiences may not know this international superstar by name, but they certainly recognize him by face alone. He has appeared in a number of box office hit Hollywood movies like Rogue One, Doctor Strange, The Three Musketeers, and Casino Royale.

Most notably, US fans should recognize Mads best as the lead actor of the short lived (but cult favorite) television show, Hannibal, where he played the title character. We wonder if Nigri will give live action acting a shot herself and then maybe, one day, her and Mads will be acting side by side on the big screen.


Who's that Pokemon? It's Jessica Nigri! Or at least a Geodude that happened to be caught on Jessica Nigri's face. For all of our millennial readers who may not remember Pokemon Go, it was a social Android app game made all the way back in 2016 -- we know, 2016 feels like a century ago -- that people used to find Pokemon in open world locations. All we had to do was use our phone to scan the area around us until we found a Pokemon.

A Pokemon could pop up any random place at any random time and in this particular instance, a Geodude popped up randomly on Jessica Nigri's face. We have to wonder how horrifying it would be if Pokemon were real and an actual Geodude found its way onto Jessica Nigri's face.


One unfortunate false assumption that many audiences assume when taking one long look at Jessica Nigri that she is talentless and only became famous because of her looks. The truth is there is much more to Jessica Nigri than meets the wandering eyes. Some of us should already know that Jessica Nigri was a very talented individual judging by the fact that she has admitted to creating some of her own cosplay costumes.

Another talent of Nigri's that not many people know about is that she happens to be a voice actor. She primarily lends her voice to the character of Cinder Fall on the animated series RWBY and has done so for the past five seasons. Not everyone has the vocal chops to be a voice actor, but it looks like Nigri does.


Sometimes, when a cosplay model -- or just any ole regular model -- has to stand for hours on end and pose during a photoshoot, eventually, they are going to get tired of the same ole song and dance. Eventually, they are going to get tired of doing the same pose with the same facial expression. So, just for fun, they might randomly sprout a silly face, commit to a goofy pose, or do something with a miscellaneous object that they find lying on the ground off to the side.

Judging from this polaroid picture, that looks like that is what was the case when Jessica Nigri decided to grab two flip flops and imitate a bunny. It was quite funny, and yes, that rhymed. Funny bunny. Silly Nigri.

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