Gotham's Jessica Lucas Wants Bane to Appear on the Show

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Fox's Gotham has seen all sorts of Batman villains roll through the eponymous city's crime-riddled streets in the television show's three-year run. Viewers have followed various members of the DC Comics rogues gallery through their defining origin stories – from the ominous Hugo Strange to the literally transformative Poison Ivy.

There are, of course, certain villains that have remained absent from the series, one of which being the ferocious Bane. According to an interview at DarkKnightNews with series regular Jessica Lucas, who plays Tabitha Galavan (otherwise known as Tigress) on Gotham, Bane's omission is one she would like to see corrected.

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When asked which character Lucas would want to see make an appearance on Gotham, the actress had her answer ready to go.

"Bane! Can you imagine?" Lucas said. "I know time-wise, that may not be right… but maybe someone to face Bruce Wayne or Gordon who has the steroid, who has that strength and power."

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Since Gotham is a prequel series, the show would have to take a number of liberties with Batman lore to get someone approximating Bane's prowess in either Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) or James Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) sightlines.

Bane is a hyper-intelligent Batman supervillain who draws his unnatural strength from a steroid concoction called Venom. First appearing in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 in 1993, the character was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench and Graham Nolan and is largely considered the only character to have broken Batman – an allusion to the Knightfall storyline that saw Bane break Batman's back, leaving him paraplegic for a time.

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The Venom steroid has yet to be introduced in Gotham, but Lucas did point out a similarity between the strength-enhancing drug and that of Alice Tetch's (Naian Gonzalez Norvind) blood. The former Indian Hill inmate's blood harbors a super virus, which, for several episodes, turned Captain Nathaniel Barnes into a justice-obsessed vigilante with inhuman strength. Acting under the villainous moniker of the Executioner, Barnes began slaying criminals until he was thwarted by Gordon.

While it's too early to say whether the Tetch blood virus could play a pivotal part in bringing Venom to Gotham, one thing is for certain: Bane's origins have been fully explored in the comics. In the Knightfall arc, Bane's first exposure to Venom is thoroughly investigated. After breaking Batman's back, the villain had something of a change of heart and began searching the world for his father. While Bane may not have a place in Gotham, it's reasonable to speculate that his parentage, or at least his origins, may.

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