Jessica Jones Will Choose a Side in Chelsea Cain's "Civil War II: Choosing Sides" #6

Not even Jessica Jones can escape the events of "Civil War II." On the Women of Marvel podcast, "Mockingbird" scribe Chelsea Cain announced that she will pen an eight-page story about Jessica Jones for "Civil War: Choosing Sides" #6.

Asked if there were any other characters in the Marvel Universe she'd like to write, Cain said, "Yeah! Like Jessica Jones. And I am! Maybe I'm announcing it right here on this podcast!"

"I'm doing an eight-page 'Civil War II' story about Jessica Jones," she continued. "It is really exciting, because 'Alias' -- [Brian Michael] Bendis' original run on Jessica Jones -- is the book that brought me back to comics. I loved it so much and read it as it came out, issue to issue. It's still kind of the benchmark for me. It's very exciting to get to write her."

"Civil War: Choosing Sides" is an anthology series, with stories by multiple writers and artists inside each issue. Cain will pen one such story, though no artist has yet been announced for it.

Chelsea Cain's "Civil War II: Choosing Sides" #6 goes on sale this summer.

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