Jessica Jones: 10 Villains We’ll Never See Now that it’s Canceled

With the official cancelation of Jessica Jones, we have to deal with the facts: there are just some plots we’re never going to see. Not unless the series somehow gets picked up at a later date. This means that there are famous antagonists Jessica has faced off with in the past (or really should do) that we’ll probably never get to see on the show.

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10 Scorpion

Scorpion was one of the first villains that Jessica Jones ever had the opportunity to take down. In the comics, he was the reason she realized that she could do some real good with her superpowers. Taking down Scorpion inspired Jess to take on the mantle of Jewel – and we all know how that turned out for her.

Scorpion was a small-time villain. One she busted while he was in the middle of robbing a laundromat, in fact. Not the greatest crime, admittedly. It certainly wasn't a lucky day for him either, since Jessica came across him by chance.

9 The Skrulls

Most of the heroes in Marvel have had a run in with the Skrulls – and they didn't all go so well as the encounter in the Captain Marvel movie. Even Jessica Jones got pulled into their war, courtesy of several interactions with the aliens.

The first time, the Skrulls merely pretended to be her. The second time? A Skrull pretending to be Jarvis took Danielle (Jess and Luke's baby girl) and ran off with her. It probably goes without saying that this was enough to make them an enemy in Jess' mind.

8 Superior Spider-Man

Jessica went up against plenty of villains in her time spent in other teams (The Defenders, Mighty Avengers). Most of these villains we won't mention, since they're a group thing. But some would have been interesting to see incorporated in the Jessica Jones series.

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Doc Ock in particular would have been a fun antagonist to see in the series. In the comics, Doc Ock and his Arachnaughts came up against the Mighty Avengers. That in itself would have been a cool fight. But Octavius made it personal when he threatened their kid. Never a good call.

7 Owl

Fans of Jessica Jones know that she had a few different hero phases. The first was Jewel. Then came Huntress. That was the name she picked up while still emotionally recovering from what Killgrave did. During this time in her life, Jessica came up against an antagonist named Owl.

Owl was one of the few villains the Knightress went up against. She might have continued on in that vein, had he not brought his children with him (yes, you read that right). This forced Jess to change tactics. There's a chance this prevented her from going down a darker path. This antagonist is more frequently seen going up against heroes like Daredevil, meaning that if both series had continued forward, using him would have given them a chance for more crossovers.

6 Green Goblin

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Jessica found herself going up against the Green Goblin thanks to Ben Ulrich. Now, we know that he isn't actually alive in the Netflix series. But his successor, Karen Page, is equally talented at picking up the trail and getting herself into trouble. Possibly more talented.

In the comics, Ulrich had become convinced that he could prove that Norman Osborne was the Green Goblin. He just needed some help doing it. Enter Jessica Jones. When the Green Goblin attacked, it was personal, since Jessica was pregnant at the time. Though this time around, it wasn't Jessica who did the beating – it was Luke Cage. He beat the Green Goblin for what he did, naturally. The Netflix series could have easily adapted this whole plot into something else, opening the door for some more crossovers at the same time.

5 Nuke

The last we saw of Frank Simpson was Jessica Jones season 2. However, if he's anything like his comic counterpart, there's a very good chance he isn't dead. Granted, he never did hit the extremes seen in the comics. Which is why he made this list.

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Technically, Nuke isn't really a villain in Jessica Jones' eyes. Still, since he already made an appearance in the series, why not bring him full circle? The most noticeable thing about Nuke (when in full form) is the American flag on his face. Nuke was decently portrayed in the Netflix series. He was an experiment, another attempt at recreating what was done to Captain America. The process left Simpson less than stable and this was the end result.

4 Jared Beekman

Jared Beekman is one of the newer antagonists in the Jessica Jones comics. He first appeared in Blind Spot – and what an entrance he made. While his character actually ends up being more complicated than a glance would indicate, he's still a nasty problem for Jessica.

Beekman targets strong women in the city. His ex, Jessica Jones, Elsa Bloodstone, M.J. Watson... you get the idea. If she's tougher than him, or not easily cowed, she's a target. This doesn't exactly work well for him in the long run, but the entire plot is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.

3 Denny Haynes

Denny Haynes started off with peddling drugs, then got into selling drugs that make superheroes. Well, that's the sales pitch. They certain give the user enhanced abilities, but we all know that abilities don't make the hero. The drug has some nasty side effects as well. Side effects that Denny happily takes advantage of.

Haynes is a solid example of the sort of villain that Jessica tends to go up against. A human scumbag dipping his toes into something bigger than he can manage. So, in many ways, it's a shame that we won't be seeing him hit the small screen.

2 Alison Green & the Anti Hero Association

Alison Green might have been a difficult character to adapt, but it would have been worth it if they had tried. Alison was made bitter thanks to the events of Civil War II (where she had been detained and arrested for a faulty vision from an inhuman). She wanted to get revenge for it, and thus joined an anti-hero association.

Jessica Jones got wrapped up into the whole mess due to her friendship with Captain Marvel. She went deep undercover, even going to the raft to help maintain said cover. She hid her daughter away, and did everything she could to lure Alison into a trap. This was a plot full of mind games, deception, and betrayal. It's so perfectly suited for Jessica Jones and her fans. It's sad to know that we'll never see a variant on this plot.

1 The Children of Killgrave (Benjamin Killgrave)

It should probably be noted that not all of the children of Killgrave are antagonists (though they all have the potential to be). Most of his children have tried to make peace with who they are, and what their father is.

Benjamin Killgrave is the exception to that rule. He's appeared in the more recent plots of Jessica Jones, and he did not pull punches. He ignored the agreement made amongst his siblings – and even used his father's comatose body to produce stronger reactions. In short, he is his father's son. It would've been great to have seen more done with these potentially-very-menacing characters.

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