Does Trish Walker Become Hellcat in Jessica Jones Season 2?

Jessica Jones Trish Walker Hellcat

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 2, streaming now on Netflix.

Marvel Comics fans have wondered, virtually since Rachael Taylor was cast in the role in early 2015, whether Trish "Patsy" Walker would eventually adopt the superhero identity of Hellcat on Jessica Jones. Although the former child star turned talk-radio host demonstrated in Season 1 that she was willing to put herself in danger, there was little indication she'd don a mask anytime soon. However, her declaration in the Season 2 trailer that "Jessica might not want a sidekick but she needs one" certainly renewed speculation. So, does Trish become Hellcat in the second season?

Short answer: No, she doesn't. Slightly longer answer: No, but she comes awfully damned close -- so much so that if Trish doesn't become a full-fledged vigilante in Season 3, then the producers are simply being cruel. Seriously, they tease the possibility time and again in these new episodes.

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Her storyline is a major part of this season, weaving in and out of Jessica's as she goes to great lengths -- even donning an It's Patsy! get-up to perform at a birthday party -- to uncover new information about her friend's past, and who is responsible for her superpowers. Frequently more invested than Jessica in learning the truth, Trish becomes absolutely obsessed with the mysterious IGH, resorting to blackmail and repeatedly putting her own life at risk in the process. However, it soon becomes clear Trish isn't simply interested in helping her adoptive sister or boosting the sagging ratings of her radio show Trish Talk. No, it's envy fueling her crusade; she desperately wants superpowers of her own.

Jessica Jones Trish Walker Hellcat

"Patsy always wanted to be extraordinary," her manipulative mother Dorothy tells Jessica late in the season. "You just showed her what that looks like."

And Trish does become extraordinary, for a while. Will Simpson, whose reliance on a combat enhancer in Season 1 transformed him into an unhinged killer, crops up again, this time to protect Trish from the "monster" murdering people with ties to IGH. Unfortunately, he could've used a protector himself, as he's quickly killed, leaving Jessica and Trish to dispose of his body. But Trish also pockets Wills new inhaler, which enhances is strength and senses in a far more controllable fashion.

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