Jessica Jones' Trauma Will Be 'Huge Part' of Her Character in Season 2

"Jessica Jones" may have taken down Kilgrave, but that doesn’t mean David Tennant’s mind controlling villain won’t loom over her when the show returns for Season 2.

“People don't just heal. You don't go through that just to say, 'Oh, he got arrested, he's in jail, I'm OK now,'" “Jessica Jones” showrunner Melissa Rosenberg told Esquire. “That trauma is a huge part of who she is now." That means Krysten Ritter’s eponymous character will still be a crass, hard-drinking private investigator, despite her tormentor’s death.

Rosenberg knows a little something about writing for damaged characters, having spent four years with Showtime’s “Dexter.” That show starred Michael C. Hall as a serial killer who was taught to only kill "bad guys" by his adoptive father -- but the show, at least during the early years, always reminded viewers that Dexter Morgan was still a killer.

“With Dexter, the moment he felt guilt or accepted that he was 'bad,' the show's over. He's no longer a sociopath,” Rosenberg explained. “The equivalent for us would be if Jessica somehow recovered from the damage that had been done to her.”

Rosenberg also revealed that they're about halfway through writing "Jessica Jones" Season 2. Prior to that, Krysten Ritter character will reprise the role in next year’s “The Defenders.”

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