"Jessica Jones'" Stan Lee Cameo Spotted

In the mighty Marvel manner, Stan Lee will once again make a cameo appearance in a Marvel Cinematic Universe property. This time, the legendary creator will pop up in "Jessica Jones," Netflix's second Marvel series -- and he'll appear right where you expect him to.

As spotted over at Heroic Hollywood, Stan Lee -- or rather Officer Stan Lee -- will appear in "Jessica Jones" via a portrait in a police precinct. The same photo also appeared in the first of Netflix's Marvel shows, "Daredevil." You can see the still from "Jessica Jones'" trailer below; Stan's just above the civilian's shoulder, in the back above a desk lamp. You can also see the same photo in the following screengrab from "Daredevil."

The "Jessica Jones" still comes from the series' trailer, which you can see below. "Jessica Jones" debuts on Netflix on November 20.

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