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The Marvel Netflix Universe seems to be coming to a close. The Punisher just debuted its second season to a slight drop in viewership, and Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist have all been canceled. However, there's still one show that Marvel Netflix fans have to look forward to: Jessica Jones.

The superhero detective drama that follows a reluctantly heroic private eye will debut its third season this year. In order to spread that excitement to you, we thought we'd bring up some of the most intriguing questions we hope get addressed in this next season. Check out our list of 10 questions we want to be answered in Jessica Jones season three, and let us know your thoughts!

10. What's Trish Going To Do With Her Powers?

Trish Walker

When we last left the Marvel Netflix Universe’s biggest celebrity, she had just finished a desperate quest to receive superpowers. At first, we thought this was all for naught after Jessica pulled her off a mad scientist’s operating table. Then, just before the end of the show, we got a hint that the artist—formerly known as Patsy—actually did retain some super-soldier abilities. Of course, Marvel comics readers know that Patsy is the super-powered crime fighter Hellcat. Will we see Trish take on that identity in season three of Jessica Jones? Perhaps. Then again, the character of Hellcat in the comics is a lot nicer than on-screen Patsy Walker.

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9. What About The Defenders?


You know how you lose touch with people after college? Sure, you had fun in the good old days, but now you rarely speak with the people you once saw every day. Well, that kind of seems to be the case for Marvel’s Netflix superhero team-up. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones all kind of went their own ways after stopping the Hand. Will we see their paths cross again in Jessica Jones? At the very least, could we get an onscreen explanation of where Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are now? Their stories, to varying degrees, felt a little unfinished before the shows' respective cancellations. We’d love if Marvel addressed that with season three of Jessica Jones.

8. Are There Other IGH Experiments?

Jessica Jones The Whizzer

Season Two of Jessica Jones revolved around a shady government super-soldier program. Actually, it was the very program that gave her her powers. It seemed like we had heard the last of them after the death of one of their top scientists and Jessica’s mother (who also got powers from them). But come on. There’s no way a secret government program doesn’t have more projects going than saving the life of a housewife and making a kid really fast. We’d like to see where the other tentacles of IGH reach, and maybe even have them connect us to other Marvel characters. Then again, Marvel might want to keep IGH wrapped up. After all, we expect it won’t be long until another extra secret government agency shows up in the MCU.

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7. What Else Don't We Know About Jessica's Past?

One of the coolest parts of season two was seeing where some of Jessica’s world comes from. We learned the origin of her misanthropic view of other people, plus the origin of the Alias Investigations name. Heck, we even found out where she got her jacket. Still, there’s a lot we don’t know about Netflix’s best private eye. How did she start her business? When did she meet Jeri? All these and more would be great questions to see pop up in season three. Especially if, like the other seasons, someone from Jessica’s past has returned to haunt her. More on that later...

6. Is Jessica Still With Oscar?

We thought that Jessica would never have a solid relationship. But at the end of the last season, Jessica and her landlord, Oscar, got serious about each other. Well, as serious as a superpowered private eye and counterfeiter can be. Having Oscar in the picture adds to the stakes of Jessica Jones, making her more vulnerable than her regular, lone-wolf self. After all, Jessica can fend off someone with a vendetta. Oscar and his son, Vido, can not.

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5. What's Malcolm's Life Like Now?

Eka Darville as Malcolm Ducasse

At the end of season two, good old Malcolm Blank had had enough. Malcolm was close to Jessica for years, first as a spy for Kilgrave then as a trusted friend and semi-employee. But working for Alias Investigations became too much for Malcolm. He was working hard for little pay and even less experience. So he decided to trade up. Now Malcolm works as a private eye for Jeri Hogarth, who recently restarted her life with a new law firm. Odds are that Jessica and Malcolm will run into each other again, and we’re dying to see what he’s doing. Even though their interaction will likely be very awkward.

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4. Is Kilgrave Still In Jessica's Head?

The villain who called himself Kilgrave is dead, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still plaguing Jessica. We saw last season that Kilgrave can appear as a hallucination in Jessica’s head, making her talk to herself and lash out. Even though Jessica pushed Kilgrave back by refusing to kill one of her enemies, we’re pretty sure he’s not gone for good. In his own words, Kilgrave said that he would “be here when you need me” before vanishing from one of Jessica’s visions. With all the stress and trauma Jessica goes through, we’re almost positive we’ll see the Purple Man again before too long. The only question is, when?

3. Who Was Griffin Working For?

Season two was a wild ride for Trish Walker. She got addicted to drugs, murdered her best friend’s mom (ex-best friend, I guess?), and on top of all that, she got engaged! At the beginning of the season, we thought that her fiancé, Griffin Sinclair, was a pretty cool guy. But at their engagement party, Griffin took a secrecy phone call to shadily report on Trish. Who was he talking to? Was his relationship with Trish a ruse all along? This was season two’s biggest hanging thread, and we hope they’ll tie it up this season.

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2. Who Is The Villain?

Jessica Jones Superior Carnage

Lucky for us, we know this is a question that will get an answer to in season three. But what we don’t know is... well, everything. So far, the plot of Jessica Jones season three has stayed a secret, so we don’t know which bad guy our favorite Netflix badass will face. Whoever it is, they’ve got some big shoes to fill. Though IGH and her mother weren’t quite the villains fans were hoping for in season two, season one’s Kilgrave was one of the most horrifying villains of the MCU. Can season three give us someone even worse? Here’s hoping.

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1. Will Jessica Jones Acknowledge Infinity War?

Josh Brolin as Thanos

Just how connected is Marvel’s Netflix Universe to the big-screen MCU? That’s a question that’s been bouncing around Marvel fandom since the debut of Daredevil. After all, there are several plot elements that don’t quite mesh with the larger cinematic world.

Check out our piece on Punisher season two to read more (Warning: SPOILERS). Will this season of Jessica Jones finally set the record straight? Could it either prove that Marvel’s Netflix shows are firmly in the MCU or maybe even prove that they’re not? It will probably hinge on the inclusion of the Thanos's Snap in Avengers: Infinity War. We’ve already learned that Luke Cage doesn’t survive the Snap, but what about Jessica? It might not be on the producer’s minds whether or not she does, but it’s certainly on ours. And we’d be really excited to see it in the next season.

What questions do you want to be answered in Jessica Jones season three? Do you have any theories that answer the ones we have? Let us know in the comments section below!

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