Jessica Jones Season 3 Set Video May Feature Hellcat Stunt Work


Things are looking intense for Trish Walker in the upcoming season of Jessica Jones, as the character takes a big step closer to becoming the vigilante Hellcat.

With filming for the third season of Jessica Jones underway, a behind-the-scenes video available on The Daily Mail shows Rachael Taylor's Trish Walker showcasing some impressive stunt work on set. The gravity-defying moves tease the possibility of Walker becoming a superhero herself not unlike her Marvel Comics inspiration Hellcat.

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The possibility of Walker becoming a crime-fighting vigilante has been teased since the first season of the MCU Netflix series but took a major step forward with this year's second season as Walker took performance-enhancing drugs to temporarily give herself superhuman abilities. The season ended with Walker and her best friend Jessica Jones having a massive falling out effectively ending their long-running friendship.

While Jessica Jones and Trish Walker may be feuding, the friendship between Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor looks stronger than ever with Ritter making her directorial debut helming the episode.


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