Jessica Jones: 5 Things We Need to See in Season 2

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Jessica Jones' first season offered Netflix viewers the perfect introduction to Marvel's down-and-dirty private eye. Krysten Ritter embodied the character perfectly, bringing a sense of humanity to the Marvel cinematic Universe's Hell's Kitchen. Ritter's performance won over audiences who cheered when she defeated David Tennant's Kilgrave, a mind-controlling villain who had tormented Jessica for years. But though the finale was cathartic for Jessica, and she was seemingly victorious, her story was very obviously far from over.

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While the series is only three months away from returning, details on the second season are rather slim. We know some of the characters who will return, and thanks to the recent teaser for Season 2, we have an inkling of what challenges Jessica will face. But while the vast majority of the show's next arc remains a mystery, we have a list of five things we're really hoping the series does when it returns for round two.

Explore the IGH Mystery Further

In the first season, it was revealed that Jessica Jones has powers such as super strength and a level of invulnerability, but the source of abilities was never properly explored. All we know is that Jessica was in a car accident as a child, and while her parents and brother were killed, she survived. A paramilitary group known as IGH funded her operations and paid for her medication, and it seems they're responsible for her special abilities as well.

Jessica Jones IGH

In the comics, Jessica receives her powers from the MGH, or Mutant Growth Hormone. Could IGH stand for Inhuman Growth Hormone? At this point, Marvel Studios doesn't have the rights to use the comics' mutant characters, so the studio has been focusing on raising the Inhumans' profile in the MCU. Making Jessica's powers Inhuman-based would connect her to the wider Marvel Universe and be an interesting twist on her origin from the comics.

IGH is also responsible for the creation of Nuke, the villainous alias of Will Simpson. In Season 1, Will takes pills that gives him enhanced strength and a bad temper. The second season really needs to shed some light behind the villainous organization, as well as giving Nuke more to do as an antagonist. His relationship with Trish already created an interesting, tense dynamic before he turns in a fully fledged bad guy, and we're dying to see it explored further.

Taking Flight

In the comics, Jessica Jones can fly. It's literally her main superpower! In the Netflix series, however, she can only jump really far. It's possible Jessica can indeed fly in the MCU; she's just not yet learned to harness and fully embrace her abilities. We know Marvel and Netflix are trying to ground their heroes, but the ability to fly would add a new dynamic to Jessica's skillset.

Jessica Jones Flying

Jessica's likely to be a little braver when it comes to being a hero, however reluctant she might be, after the events of Marvel's The Defenders. She's come to know a blind guy who can see, and a man with a glowing fist that packs a super-strong punch. Maybe she'll finally learn to embrace her powers instead of shunning them.

Enter Hellcat

Unless you're a fan of Marvel Comics, you're probably not aware that Jessica's adopted sister Trish Walker is also a superhero: Hellcat. In the first season of the show, Trish didn't really take any steps to becoming a hero in her own right, though she did show a talent for fighting through her self defense lessons.

hellcat trish walker

Trish's involvement in the show was somewhat shaky overall. Marvel and Netflix can really strengthen her character by giving her her own heroic arc. This would give her more to do, change up her relationship with Jessica if she finds out, and provide a payoff for the excitement Marvel fans felt when Rachael Taylor was cast as the character.

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