Jessica Jones: Sally Is Your New Favorite MCU Character

warning: the following article contains spoilers for jessica jones season 2, streaming now on netflix.

in hopes of learning more about her best friend's past, trish walker is forced to revisit parts of her own in the second season of jessica jones. that means dressing in her childhood role from it's patsy to perform at a birthday party, in exchange for confidential hospital records, reconciling with her toxic mother, and blackmailing the movie director who sexually assaulted her when she was 15. however, trish's trip down memory lane isn't entirely unpleasant, at least for the audience.

that's because we get to meet sally, the best addition to the marvel cinematic universe since shuri in black panther.

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the investigation into the murder of robert coleman, aka the whizzer, and into her own past, leads jessica (krysten ritter) to the name of dr. leslie hanseon, an emergency-room physician at metro general hospital who redirected patients to the mysterious organization i.g.h. introduced in season 1. after trish (rachael taylor) mentions the good doctor on trish talk in episode 3, a meeting is arranged, only it's jessica who shows up instead of everyone's favorite talk-radio host. bust that's ok, because the rendezvous isn't with hansen (who's dead, it turns out) but instead with the super-strong, super-fast "monster" (janet mcteer) who killed coleman, hansen and others linked to i.g.h., and, quite literally, wipes the floor with jessica.

the only clue to the mystery woman's identity is that she was wearing a high-quality wig. and that's where sally comes in.

having worn her fair share of wigs as "patsy," trish leads jessica to one of the few new york city suppliers who could have made one of such caliber: sally's wig store. it's a time capsule for trish, who notes that the shop hasn't changed in 17 years ("patsy's" photo hangs on the wall, beneath rupaul's). neither, presumably, has the proprietor sally, who's as acerbic as ever. when she exclaims, "dear god, it’s patsy," it's not because she's happy to see the former child star.

their reminiscence only underscores that, with trish's genuine surprise at their unexpected reunion ("sally! wow, i so remember you.") is greeted with signs of a long-festering grudge. "and i you," sally replies dryly. "you destroyed a dozen of my best wigs. oh, and this: i still have the scar from when you bit me."

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trish's embarrassed explanation that, "i was young, and entitled," is rebuffed with, "and high out of your bratty mind." her acknowledgement that she's been sober for 10 years is similarly batted away by sally, who offers, "‘patsy goes to rehab.’ there’s your comeback show."

luckily, however, jessica is on hand with a photo of "dr. hanson" to redirect the conversation to more fruitful territory. or, in sally's case, more profitable. recognizing the value of her information, sally pries $200 out of trish for what little she knows about the "poor dear," who pays cash, comes to the store alone, and never leaves a name.

"she lost all of her hair – chemo, i imagine," she offers. "cancer and drag queens are half my business these days."

not quite finished exacting her revenge on trish, sally feigns that she may know something more, only to swiftly tuck the hundred-dollar bill into her bra with a "no, that's all," and walk away.

"now i remember why i bit her," trish tells jessica, setting up what we can only hope is netflix's next marvel series.

streaming now on netflix, jessica jones season 2 stars krysten ritter, rachael taylor, carrie-anne moss, eka darville, j.r. ramirez and janet mcteer.

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