Jessica Jones Is Finally Breaking Out of Alias' Shadow

Earlier this week, Netflix and Marvel Studios dropped the long-awaited full trailer for Season 2 of Jessica Jones, and it looks incredible. With David Tennant's Kilgrave having been dealt with in Season 1, Jessica now has time to delve into the mystery of her powers -- and her family's deaths -- all with a bit of help from adopted sister Trish Walker, now fully upgraded to the role of sidekick.

But while the trailer promises a look and feel quite similar to Season 1, the second season of Jessica Jones promises to be radically different in at least one way: It is breaking free of the comics and telling a largely original story.

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While the first season of Jessica Jones inevitably took some liberties, it was heavily influenced its source material, Alias, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. Everything from Kilgrave's hold over Jessica to her complicated relationship with Luke Cage was drawn from the character's previous comic book adventures, to the point of several overt homages to panels from the comics.

Even the major exception -- adopted sister and sometime frenemy Trish Walker -- had something of a comics antecedent. Trish stands in for Jessica's comics pal, Carol Danvers, who was not available to Netflix for the series as she will soon be appearing in her own big screen adventures in Captain Marvel. Instead, Netflix and Marvel Studios swapped her out for Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, while transferring the fraught Jessica/Carol relationship over to the renamed "Trish." Even if comics Jessica never met Patsy until post-Jessica Jones, the dynamic between the two of them still felt familiar.

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Season 2, however, will be much different. By exploring Jessica's origin in depth over the course of the season, the series will be going well beyond comics territory, adding significantly to the Jessica Jones canon. And that's a good thing.

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