15 Dank Jessica Jones Memes

Jessica Jones season two is finally here and we couldn't possibly be more excited to see our brave ladies back in action. It is almost a unanimous opinion that the first season of Jessica Jones is the best Marvel's Netflixverse has to offer. This witty psychological thriller is exceptionally well-written, well-cast and well-acted. Dealing with complex and dark themes, Jessica Jones is definitely not for the faint of heart. That is not to say that the show doesn't have a decent amount of humor. Have no fear, this is no Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite the overall dark tone, the show still manages to make its audience chuckle. After all, Jessica Jones is a master of snark and sarcasm.

However, Jessica is far from being the only character on the show known to crack a joke or two, which is a very useful tool in a show as grim as this one. Another way to find humor in Jessica Jones is through memes. As we all know, memes have become the prevailing method of communication online. Memes cover virtually all topics and use everything at their disposal. We did some digging and we found 15 absolutely hilarious Jessica Jones memes.


Thanos may be the largest purple man in the MCU, but he’s by no means the scariest. That title goes to Jessica Jones’ Kilgrave. This twisted, sadistic, mind-controlling monster is the one MCU villain we’re certain won’t be called out for not being scary enough. Kilgrave stands among the MCU’s best villains -- in league with Loki and Killmonger. However, when it comes to sheer scariness, he’s pretty much the undefeated champion.

After all, the guy can control minds. He can --and does -- make people do all kinds of horrible, despicable, vile things to each other and to themselves. He’s the kind of villain that may not scare you upon first look but once you see what he’s capable of he will haunt your dreams.


You don’t need exceptional P.I. skills to figure out that Jessica Jones is broke. Everything from the way she looks to the way she lives and where she lives makes it pretty obvious that Jessica is far from being well off. Her apartment is, simply put, a dump. She’s converted one room into a home office of sorts. Yet, the premises look nothing like either a home or an office.

Plus, she has like three outfits in her wardrobe, no home decor to speak of, and last but not least she uses an Acer laptop. And as the meme says, if all of the other stuff somehow didn’t clue you in, the fact that Jessica uses an Acer laptop makes it perfectly clear that she is very short on money.


The MCU is often accused of having lame villains. Critics of Marvel’s cinematic universe, especially the movies, often like to point out that none of the MCU villains are particularly scary or compelling. Not even the Mad Titan Thanos. Although, this criticism isn’t entirely unjustified, we would not agree that none of the MCU villains are scary enough.

If you truly want to see Marvel’s creepiest villain you should not be looking at their movies. Rather, you should check out its Netflix show Jessica Jones. Believe it or not the lanky Brit clad in an all-purple outfit is Marvel’s creepiest villain. He may not look the part but remember that you should never judge a book by its cover. In this case, it could come at a high price.


As much as Kilgrave’s twisted and perverted perception of love made our skin crawl, we couldn’t help but find some humor in it as well. Very dark humor. Something that caught the attention of lots of fans were the pictures Jessica sent to Kilgrave every day. This hilarious meme pokes fun at Kilgrave -- despite everyone's better judgment -- for essentially lighting up whenever Jessica would send him a text.

Naturally, he’s completely unfazed by the fact that the only reason Jessica is sending him these texts is because he threatened the lives of innocent people. He found a way to control her, without actually controlling her, and that’s good enough for him. But if you want to be able to laugh at this meme, it’s better to not overthink it.


In the comics, the notorious Purple Man’s real name is Zebediah Killgrave. However, when Marvel adopted the character for their Jessica Jones series a few adjustments were made. No longer was this mind-controlling evil jerk born with the name Kilgrave, instead it was a name he chose for himself.

A bit on the nose, Mr. Purple Man, but then again subtlety does not seem to be your forte. Of course, Jessica being Jessica had to make a comment on Kilgrave’s name at some point. Bewildered as to who would choose this kind of name, she asks if he had considered an even more obvious alternative. But, we kind of like the sound of Claire Temple’s silly suggestion even more. It just has a nicer ring to it.


While every scene with Kilgrave gives us the creeps, it’s hard to deny that the one where he takes the police station hostage in order to profess eternal love to Jessica made us laugh. Apparently, in his twisted mind, all of the horrible things he did to Jessica he did out of love. Everything from mind control to all kinds of torture was part of his elaborate plan to show Jessica that he loves her.

And the fact of the matter is, he probably believes this to be true. In his own sick way, Kilgrave thinks that he is indeed demonstrating affection by doing what he does. However, Jessica doesn’t seem one bit impressed by his eternal love for her. This hilarious meme perfectly describes their predicament. She got his message, she just doesn’t care enough to reply.


It’s no secret that both Marvel and DC are reluctant when it comes to giving women the lead role in superhero movies and television shows. Of course, there has been progress and we now have a very strong female superhero series on either side as well as the shining star of the DCEU, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman film.

The concern is usually that a female superhero show won't do as well as a male superhero show. Some even argued that the only reason to even make one is to indulge women. But, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Marvel’s Jessica Jones is quite possibly the most popular and the best Netflixverse show. If not the best current superhero show. Definitely not for the fainthearted, Jessica Jones is thoughtful and witty psychological thriller with excellent writing and an amazing cast of characters.


Before he became a monstrous sociopath known as Kilgrave, the British actor David Tennant was best known for his role as the Tenth Doctor on the critically acclaimed British series Doctor Who. Tennant portrayed the Tenth Doctor for five years and during that time acquired tones of loyal fans within the Doctor Who fandom.

We all know how these things work. You start liking the character, then you realize you also like the actor and then, all of a sudden, you’re watching said actor’s every movie and TV show and immediately fall in love with every character they play. Now, you’d think that David Tennant's fans would draw the line at Kilgrave, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. As long as it’s David Tennant, even Kilgrave is cute.


Much like Jessica Jones herself, Trish Walker immediately became a hit with fans of the show. The former child television star turned successful radio talk show host proved to be instrumental to Jessica’s quest to stop Kilgrave. And the relationship between these two adopted sisters is nothing short of inspiring.

It’s impossible not to like Trish Walker. Despite everything she’s been through as a victim of child abuse, she persisted. Trish has always been determined and that determination made her into a tough, headstrong and nearly fearless woman willing to do whatever it takes for those she holds dear, specifically Jessica. But on top of being a force to be reckoned with, Trish is also gorgeous and cute. Which, according to this meme, is of essential importance.


Just because you’re a class A evil dirtbag, doesn’t mean you still can't have feelings. Even crazy sadistic psychopaths are human to a degree. Take Kilgrave for example. While he certainly doesn’t show emotion in a way that a normal human being would, it is undeniable that he does have feelings -- mostly related to Jessica. In his own sick way, Kilgrave loves and needs Jessica. So, when she left him, he felt desperate.

Again, not that he knows how to show his sadness like most humans do. A talented artist decided to give us a proper representation of Kilgrave’s heartbreak with this hilarious drawing. Looking at this, we almost feel sorry for the evil SOB. We said almost, don’t get any ideas, Snuffcarcass. You’re still despicable.


Back in November of 2015, Netflix released the first season of Jessica Jones. Like a moth to a flame, we were drawn into the world of this unusual Marvel hero and couldn’t turn our attention away from our small screens even for the sake of sleep. Binging is becoming increasingly popular in this new age of streaming series and Marvel’s Netflix shows -- with only 10 to 13 episodes -- are perfect for binging.

Now that the second season of Jessica Jones is finally out we can cancel all our activities and obligations for a day or two. Because why would you put off watching something that is available immediately? So, you lose some sleep, big whoop. There’s coffee, and energy drinks, and chocolate, or you know, whatever works for you.


Whenever we get hooked on a show we tend to pester our friends by talking about it constantly. Eventually, they cave in and ask to know what this masterpiece is all about. Naturally, in our infatuated state we’re not able to put into words just what it is that makes this show the best thing that has ever graced the small screen. In the end, we end up summarizing it to its core premise in hopes that what we didn't say will peak our friend’s interest enough for them to sit and watch the show.

When Jessica Jones came out and we binged all 13 episodes in one sitting, it was all we could talk about for weeks. If only we’d gotten around to this meme earlier, we’d known just how to explain this amazing show to our uninformed friends.


It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone has had just about enough of these insufferable "Every girl deserves" posters. They are a disease that needs to be eradicated. One way of dealing with these horrible posters is by making hilarious memes out of them.

For example, take a look at this marvelous use of an otherwise idiotic poster. Apparently, all girls want is a guy who can make them smile even when they don’t want to smile. Well, that can certainly be arranged. The person behind this meme, has found the solution for girls who identify with this poster: Kilgrave. Talk about a match made in heaven. He will make you smile even when you don’t feel like living, let alone doing anything else.


Most heroes, despite the hardships they encounter, manage to retain unwavering optimism. It is one of the things that makes them heroic, inspirational and admirable. However, for each hopeful romantic there is a hopeless cynic. And while heroes such as Wonder Woman and Superman find the good in humanity, others like Jessica Jones see humans for what they truly are --  despicable creatures unworthy of being saved.

Of course, these polar opposite views on humanity don’t apply solely to comic book heroes. The reason this meme is so hilarious is because it’s relatable. All of us fall within one of these categories, to a varying degree and depending on the day. Truth be told, we’ve all been both Diana Prince and Jessica Jones at some point.


Jessica Jones does not only feature a lot of female characters, it also makes sure that these women are portrayed in an extraordinary way. All these women have different personalities, but each of them is strong in her own way. They have depth, development, strengths, weaknesses, strong background stories, interesting storylines and so on.

It’s refreshing, to say the least, to see a female cast be portrayed in such a meaningful way. On the other hand, the men on the show are all either bat-crap crazy or underdeveloped pieces of eye candy. This did not take long to register with the audience, and this Indian comedian perhaps put it best. Way to turn the tables Jessica Jones. It was about goddamn time.

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