Jessica Jones: Janet McTeer Hints at Her Mysterious Season 2 Role

With Marvel's Jessica Jones finally set to return for its second season on Netflix later this week, the cast has begun to tease what we can expect, including series newcomer Janet McTeer.

The Academy Award-nominated actress was first announced as part of the Season 2 cast nearly a year ago. At the time, the only detail revealed about her character was that she would "have an enormous impact on Jessica’s life.”

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Now, with mere days until the show returns for its second season, McTeer has opened up to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect from her "pivotal" and still unnamed character. While there's still plenty she can't discuss, the actress did reveal it's a very physical role and that, like Jessica, her character has plenty of her own issues to handle.

“It was a very physical character,” McTeer hinted. “The way she looks at life is a little skewed.”

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The first season of Jessica Jones was a critical success, with some even suggesting series star Krysten Ritter could end up with an Emmy nomination -- that's something that, unfortunately, never happened. Still, it's easy to see why an actress of McTeer's caliber would want to join a series like Jessica Jones. As she explained, she liked the challenge of getting to do something she's never got to do throughout her more than three decades-long career.

“When they sent me scripts of the part, I thought, ‘This is a part I haven’t played before,'” McTeer said. “To do something you’ve never done before when you’re my age is really cool. I liked the challenge.”

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While the promise of a challenge was intriguing enough to gain McTeer's interest, the actress also revealed that the show's willingness to tackle subjects such as abuse, gender politics and post traumatic stress disorder were also incredibly appealing to her.

“These characters are damaged by abuse but are nevertheless struggling their way through life, to try and overcome it and be happy,” McTeer said. “They’re strong and weak at the same time.”

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Unfortunately, even with McTeer's willingness to discuss her role and what brought her to the project, there's still plenty that remains unknown. Thankfully, though, we're just three days away from the show's return and answers are not that far off.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, will return to Netflix for a second season on March 8. The character was last seen in Marvel’s The Defenders, which is available now on Netflix.

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