Jessica Jones Is At Her Best When She's At Her Worst

Finally, after two long years, Marvel's Jessica Jones is returning to Netflix, and from the looks of it, this season is poised to be even more captivating than the last.

There's a new killer in town and Jessica (played by Krysten Ritter) is determined to uncover their identity and stop their rampage. The recently released trailer teases us with quite a few major turning points and character arcs, like Trish's apparent imminent transformation into Hellcat and a deeper exploration into Jessica's tragic past. There are a lot of other exciting bits of pieces in the trailer, but among the thrilling scenes, a common theme emerges: vulnerability and weakness.

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Toward the end of the trailer, we're briefly shown Jessica punching a wall, only this time her fist is bleeding profusely because of it. It's clear that at some point in the next season, she'll find herself powerless and unable to punch her way through the obstacles placed front of her. Jessica has almost always been able to rely on pure strength as a backup to ensure success, but this time, it appears she won't have that as insurance. She's going to have to depend entirely on her determination, skill and, of course, her unmatched wit.


Speaking of which, the trailer also takes the time to present us with just a bit more of Jessica's sharp tongue when we're introduced to a man intent on absorbing Alias Investigations. "I never take no for an answer" he says, to which Jess hisses, "How rapey of you." We know Jessica's character to be snarky and sarcastic, almost to an extreme, which often leads to hilarious and memorably cynical lines. This particular quip is notable, though, because in the context of Jessica as a character, it may indicate a much deeper meaning.

We know of her history, and the horror the Purple Man/Kilgrave (played by David Tennant) subjected her to left her traumatized and emotionally unstable. Here, her joke was a result of her being put on the defensive, reminded of her time with Kilgrave by the would-be buyer's refusal to take no for an answer. The joke was therefore the result of Jess trying to turn that rage and vulnerability into a barb to be used against the person who made her feel that way in that moment.

Then there's the slow-clapping villain, bathed in a purple light that shocks Jessica. We know that Kilgrave will return in the second season so while we don't see the villain's face in the trailer, we can be pretty certain that it's him at the end of it.

Jessica Jones and Kilgrave

After snapping Kilgrave's neck in Season 1, Jessica seemed to be making real progress with regard to becoming more emotionally healthy when we next saw her in The Defenders. She was still drinking and hesitant in the development of healthy relationships -- as evidenced by her somewhat rocky relationship with Trish and Luke Cage -- but she had at least dealt with some of her demons, which meant that she now had a real chance at being happy. Kilgrave's potential return in Season 2 means that alongside everything else she'll have to deal with in the storyline to come, the worst part of her past is back to rob her of that chance and bring back the anguish everyone thought had died with him. It leaves her both mentally and emotionally vulnerable.

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