"Jessica Jones" Averaged 4.8 Million Viewers Per Episode, According to NBC Exec

Netflix is famously tight-lipped about viewer numbers, but some insight came Wednesday from, of all sources, an NBC executive. As reported by Variety, NBC's President of Research and Media Development Alan Wurtzel disclosed Netflix ratings statistics during a Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour session, in an effort to show broadcast networks aren't necessarily threatened by streaming services -- and highlighting impressive viewer statistics for "Marvel's Jessica Jones" in the process.

According to the numbers shared by Wurtzel -- based on data from tech firm Symphony -- an average episode of "Jessica Jones" attracted 4.8 million viewers in a 35-day viewing cycle. While that's still a significantly smaller audience than hit prime-time network shows such as "Scandal," it's competitive with some network fare, and certainly would be impressive numbers for an original cable series.

Additionally, "Jessica Jones" was ahead of other streaming service shows cited by NBC: Netflix's "Master of None" (3.9 million) and "Narcos" (3.2 million) and Amazon's "Man in the High Castle (2.1 million).

Still, Wurtzel's point was to dissuade thoughts that streaming services were supplanting broadcast. "The notion that they are replacing broadcast TV may not be quite accurate," he said.

Again, it's worth noting these numbers are not internal figure from Netflix, who do not release those figures.

Based on the "Alias" comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos and starring Krysten Ritter in the title role, "Jessica Jones" debuted last November on Netflix. The service's next Marvel-based series will be the second season of "Daredevil," scheduled to premiere in full on March 18.

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