Jessica Jones and Daredevil Season 2 Characters Get New Pop! Vinyl Figures

Funko continues to add to its slate of Pop! Vinyl figures, this time with the popular toy line lovingly recreating some of Marvel’s Netflix heroes.

The Pop! figures for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, first glimpsed in early form back in November, are available now, as seen on Funko's official site. Both figures reflect their appearances in 2015's "Jessica Jones" season one -- though given the frequency of Pop! releases, one based on Luke Cage's own series may already be in the works for a future release.

In February, fans will see the arrival of Funko Pop! figures based on last year's "Daredevil" season 2: Elektra sporting her deadly assassin outfit, Daredevil with his updated season 2 suit and two versions of everyone’s favorite murderous vigilante Frank Castle, a.k.a. the Punisher. Frank's two figures include one of him wearing a trench coat and toting an assault rifle; plus a variant with Frank holding a pistol in one hand and Daredevil’s mask in the other, wearing a leather jacket.

These are just some of the latest additions to Funko's already impressive Pop! lineup, and surely more offerings from Netflix and Marvel are on the way. All of the above can be pre-ordered via online outlets.

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