Jessica Jones #2 Reveals Surprise Ally And Even More Surprising Enemy


SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Jessica Jones" #2, which is on sale now.

Jessica Jones has definitely seen better days. Last month's "Jessica Jones" #1 kicked off with the private eye/hero in an unexpected place: jail. Well, leaving jail, with no friends -- no Avengers or other street level heroes or even her husband Luke Cage -- to greet her. As the issue unfolded, it was revealed that one very important part of Jessica's life has changed, possibly forever. "Jessica Jones" #1 ended with the reveal that Luke Cage was searching for their daughter. Was Danielle missing? Did Jessica know where she was? Was Jessica hiding her from Luke? The issue left readers with plenty of questions -- and issue #2 (from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos) answers one of them.

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An intense fight with Luke reveals a few more facts: Danielle is alive, and Jessica says "because I can protect her" while Luke, she says, can't. Jessica adds that she managed to keep Danielle safe, even while she was in prison -- a development Luke hadn't heard. Sidenote: we still don't know why Jess was in prison. After a few more harsh exchanges, Jess leaps out of the scene (literally) and makes her way to a hotel since she assumes that the Alias Investigations office will be crawling with super-types waiting to kill/intervene on/fight her. After holing up in a room, she gets a visit:

"Jessica Jones" #2 interior art by Michael Gaydos and Matt Hollingsworth

Danielle is safe and with Jessica's seldom seen mother. While Jessica's parents were killed in the accident that gave her powers, she was adopted and raised by Mr. and Mrs. Jones. And if you're surprised to learn that Jessica still has a relationship with her adoptive mother, that's because Mrs. Jones was last seen seven years ago in "New Avengers" #60. She's not exactly a regular member of Jess' supporting cast.

The issue also features a big step forward for Dani Cage, as Jessica sees her walking (or rather "falling forward") for the first time.

"Jessica Jones" #2 interior art by Michael Gaydos and Matt Hollingsworth

But that's not the only big development in this issue. The issue ends with the surprise reveal that the one client Jessica took on since leaving jail has been mysteriously killed. While Jones is on the phone with the detectives, though, she faces the sneakiest of sneak attacks -- courtesy of Spot.

"Jessica Jones" #2 interior art by Michael Gaydos and Matt Hollingsworth

Spot, a superhuman criminal with the ability to create numerous teleportation portals, debuted back in 1985's "Spectacular Spider-Man" #97. He menaced the wall-crawler for one storyarc before disappearing for a dozen years. The character, initially regarded as a one-off joke, was used sparingly for the next few years before he became a more serious threat in 2009's "Amazing Spider-Man" #589. Spot was recently seen in a 2013 "Daredevil" two-parter as a pawn of the sadistic mastermind known as Coyote, who used his teleportation powers for human trafficking.

Over the decades, Spot's grown in prominence and also grown as a threat for heroes. The way he easily takes out and kidnaps Jessica Jones in this issue, as seen below, proves that Jones will have her hands full with this villain.

"Jessica Jones" #2 interior art by Michael Gaydos and Matt Hollingsworth

It's still not known what larger role Spot plays in the unfolding story. He could easily be just a henchman of a larger, still unseen enemy; he could also be the primary antagonist for this storyline. All that's known is that Spot is back, and he's not playing around.

"Jessica Jones" #3 arrives on December 14.

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