Jessica Chastain Teases Her Beverly Marsh Role in It: Chapter 2

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Jessica Chastain has teased horror fans with her transformation into Beverly Marsh for director Andy Muscietti’s It: Chapter 2.

The sole female of the core character was played by Sophia Lillis in It: Chapter 1, and although the young actress will also return for the concluding part, Chastain will play an adult version of Beverly when the Losers Club once again takes on the demonic Pennywise.

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James McAvoy already revealed that production is under way, but audiences can now take a look at why Chastain is perfect to take over from Lillis. Posting on Instagram, the two-time Oscar nominee shared a side-by-side with herself and Chapter 1's Beverly.

Before Muschietti had even begun casting for Chapter 2, Chastain was considered an early frontrunner in fan castings to play Beverly. She was the first actor to secure a role in Chapter 2, and will star with McAvoy Bill Hader, James Ransone, Andy Bean, Jay Ryan and Isaiah Mustafa.

Fans of Stephen King's 1986 novel know that Beverly continues to be a major part of the story when the Losers Club returns to Derry some 27 years after the horrifying events of their childhood. While King's novel was a supersized edition, Muschietti has split the tale into two movies.

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Considering It: Chapter 1 went on to become the highest-grossing horror movie of all time and one of Warner Bros.' biggest releases, there are high hopes that the all-star cast of Chapter 2 won't be the only reason to celebrate next year. Now that McAvoy and Chastain have started filming, the big question is, where are the rest of the Losers Club?

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