Jesse Quick: How the Flash Radically Changed the Arrowverse Speedster

Jesse Quick Arrowverse Comics

As with virtually all superhero adaptations for film and television, The CW's The Flash takes some creative liberties with its depictions of classic DC Comics characters, And in the Arrowverse, the superhero speedster Jesse Quick has gone through some massive changes in the jump from page to screen.

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Portrayed by Violett Beane, Jesse Quick has been a recurring player around the Arrowverse since she started helping Team Flash defend Central City from whatever threats it faces in The Flash Season 2. Despite the similarities in power set and connections to the Speed Force, this version of the superhero is wildly different compared to the character from the comic book DC Universe. With the reality-altering "Crisis on Infinite Earths" poised to radically reshape the Arrowverse next season, this may soon change. In the meantime, here are several of the more notable differences between the DCTV character and the original comic book source material.

Jesse Quick in the DC Universe

Jesse Quick DC Universe

Created by Len Strazewski and Mike Parobeck in 1992's Justice Society of America #1, the comic book version of Jesse Quick was born Jesse Chambers, the daughter of Golden Age DC heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Using her father's serum and a mathematical formula to tap into the Speed Force, Jesse was capable of moving with tremendous super-spees. However, she chose to focus more on her civilian life rather than heroic alter ego as Jesse Quick.

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After she got dragged into the family superhero business, Jesse briefly joined the Titans and worked with Wally West's Flash before she lost her powers during a fight with the evil speedster Zoom. Jesse eventually gained super-strength, like her mother, and joined the revived Justice Society as the new Liberty Belle, where she married her teammate Rick Tyler, the new Hourman. Soon after Barry Allen's resurrection, Jesse regained her super-speed and reclaimed the mantle of Jesse Quick shortly before DC's New 52 revamp.

Jesse Quick in the Arrowverse

The Flash Jesse Quick

The television version of Jesse is named Jesse Chambers Wells, the daughter of Earth-2's version of scientist Harrison Wells. After her father recruits Team Flash to help him rescue her from Zoom, he and her father arrive on Earth-1 in Season 2 of The Flash. After Zoom stole Barry's powers, the teenage Jesse and Wally West attempted to recreate the accident that gave the Flash powers to restore his connection to the Speed Force. However, they were blasted by dark matter energy themselves.

Although she didn't initially show any powers of her own upon after Barry used the Speed Force to revive her, Jesse returns to Earth-1 in Season 3 as a speedster. While training under Barry, Jesse decides to take on the name "Jesse Quick" and wear a costume inspired by Barry's Flash costume, since Zoom had tarnished the Flash name on Earth-2.

In sharp contrast to the comic book Jesse, who hailed from a world where the majority of the DC Universe's speedsters were active, the Arrowverse Jesse formed her own unseen superteam to defend her homeworld, Earth-2, from various threats.

Jesse Quick in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Despite appearing visibly younger than her comic book counterpart, the Arrowverse's version of Jesse Quick is much more confident than she comes off in the comics; not feeling less than capable in the Flash's shadow. This may be due to having multiple Earths to serve as her own speedster rather than regularly running alongside Team Flash.

In addition to her adventures on Earth-1 and Earth-2, Jesse Quick also filled in for Jay Garrick's Flash on Earth-2 while he was captured. The strain of her multiversal jumping around eventually ended Jesse's burgeoning romance with Wally, and she sent Kid Flash an automated breakup message.

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Since she's spent a meaningful amount of time on so many different Earths, she could be a big player in next season's annual Arrowverse crossover, "Crisis on Infinite Earths." If that crossover lives up to its legendary comic book counterpart, the entire DC TV multiverse could be collapsed down into one Earth. After that reality-shaking event occurs, Quick could very well find herself as a permanent resident of Earth-1 or whatever world takes its place.

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