Jeremy Renner Officially Joins Spawn Reboot

Jeremy Renner in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Although it was previously rumored that Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner was being eyed to star in Todd McFarlane's Spawn reboot film, it's now been made official: Renner has officially signed on to play Detective 'Twitch' Williams alongside Jamie Foxx's title character.

Deadline exclusively broke the news earlier today, confirming that Renner is set to star in the film which will be written and directed by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. As Detective Williams, Renner will bring to life perhaps the only human friend that the demon known as Spawn possesses in his endless war against evil.

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"We needed as strong a person as possible because he will be the face of the film," McFarlane said of the role. "I took my naïve Hollywood approach again, and said let’s start at the top and work down. Jeremy was at the top."

McFarlane likens the Spawn/Williams duo as King Arthur and Sir Lancelot. Together, the two form an effective team, much in the same way that Batman and Detective Gordon do. With Foxx and Renner now cast in the lead roles, Blumhouse's Spawn movie has turned into the next big comic book movie to look forward to.

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The Spawn reboot currently has no official release date but is expected to kick off production soon with a rumored budget of $10-12 million.

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