Jeremy Renner is 'Bourne' Again

The Bourne identity moved on from Matt Damon with its 2012 installment The Bourne Legacy, focused on The Avengers archer Jeremy Renner as a new super-spy named Aaron Cross. It appears that focus remains unchanged, as Deadline reports that a fifth Bourne movie is in the works, but original amnesiac badass Jason Bourne remains off the table. Instead, it's Renner's Cross once again at the heart of the matter.

According to the website, Universal Pictures has tasked writer Anthony Peckham "to script a film that is designed to continue the storyline of Aaron Cross," an agent of Operation Outcome, an initiative that created smarter and stronger spies through medical enhancements. Director and writer Tony Gilroy's involvement in the Legacy follow-up is currently unknown.

Bourne is one of Universal's most lucrative franchises, with Legacy earning $276 million worldwide during its 2012 theatrical run. Moving forward with Renner makes sense as long as Damon remains unwilling to return as Bourne. Damon has made it clear that he won't make another Bourne movie without Supremacy and Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass.

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