Jeremy Renner Escapes From <i>The Hurt Locker</i>

Jeremy Renner has been enjoying a lot of good fortune lately, from his Oscar nominated turn in The Hurt Locker to another celebrated performance in The Town, not to mention upcoming franchise roles as Tom Cruise's wing man in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and Hawkeye in The Avengers.

With everything going on in his professional life, does Renner even have room on his plate for another property with a seriously devoted fan base? That depends on the rumors you believe, as Bloody Disgusting reports that Renner is currently in "close talks" to succeed Kurt Russell in the role of Snake Plissken for an Escape from New York remake. The report notes that "this is VERY early and a premature announcement," so don't take the news to the bank, but it's nonetheless interesting to consider Renner's potential as Plissken.

Of all the names bandied about for the remake, including Gerard Butler, I'll put Renner towards the top of my list of people who could actually create a worthwhile performance as the eyepatch-clad Plissken. But honestly, with Russell still alive, ticking and kicking ass on a fairly regular basis, why not just go the Old Man Snake route? Seems like a much more compelling idea than a full-on reboot, but that's just one fan's opinion -- though I'm sure it's shared by at least a few of you out there.

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