Is Jeremy Davies Secretly Playing This DC Character in Elseworlds?

Ever since the start of DC Rebirth in 2016, Saturn Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes was confined to Arkham Asylum for her seemingly delusional ravings about the 31st century before she was able to break out in the latest DC crossover event, Doomsday Clock. Similarly, fellow legionnaire Starman has been regarded as insane after being sent to the past without his mental health medication, which is unavailable in our relative present.

Perhaps a visitor from an alternate dimension under the care of Deegan could lead to the unscrupulous doctor learning about the existence of the multiverse, which could inspire his own, unsanctioned experiments, drawing both the Anti-Monitor and heroes of the Arrowverse to his world. After all, the Legion of Super-Heroes have been appearing more prominently in Supergirl since its third season.

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With the Monitor confirmed for December's television crossover event, the Arrowverse is virtually guaranteed to experience a crisis of infinite proportions. Jeremy Davies' character, John Deegan, is reportedly the reason the various heroes of the DCTV Multiverse pour into his incarnation of Gotham City. Why? Perhaps the unhinged doctor unwittingly stumbles into something far beyond human comprehension, just as Pariah did in bringing the Anti-Monitor to his world.

Or, perhaps Deegan's actions are not an accident at all. Perhaps this version of Pariah, even if he isn't explicitly named as such, consciously serves the Anti-Monitor in bringing the omnipotent villain to his world, forcing the heroes to arrive in a desperate bid to stop him. Whatever Deegan's true nature is, including his motivations, one thing will be clear this December: The Arrowverse will never be the same.

The three-night Arrowverse crossover begins on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW.

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