Jeremiah, Fantastic Four, Aliens vs. Predator, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 19th


CBR News spoke with representatives from Platinum Studios with news of "Jeremiah." Earlier this year it appeared the show might be cancelled after the end of season two and a grass roots movement by fans got rolling to get MGM and Showtime to renew the series for a third season. Platinum Studios told CBR news that while it's not scheduled quite yet, there will be a third season of eight episodes to come. Platinum's guess is it will be scheduled sometime in the summer of 2004, but nothing is firm at this point. Platinum also has plans to open a "Jeremiah" portal site which will help service fans, fan sites and broadcasts worldwide with show clips, photos and merchandise. What's unique about this is that it will be set-up for world wide service, whereas generally sites of this sort service only one market or region at a time.


Warm up those unstable molecules -- Comingsoon.net reports that Twentieth Century Fox is looking to release the saga of the Richards family on July 1st, 2005. What's interesting about that is that rumor has it Chris Nolan's "Batman: Intimidation Game" from Warner and Paramount's final "Indiana Jones" film are slated to be released that day as well. Holy jammed cineplexes!


Congratz are due to Hope Davis, who was nominated for a supporting movie actress Golden Globe award. The whole list can be found on the official site.


Speaking of props where props are due, congratz to Michael Rosenbaum, who plays Lex Luthor, for his nom as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama in the International Press Academy's Satellite awards. Also, there's two new episode titles for this year released, "Resurrection" and "Crisis," which will finish out February and open March. Finally, exactly why did the hit show blow up a segment of Langley, British Columbia? Of course, we have Kryptonsite to thank for these tidbits, and there's both spoilers about the explosion and writer/director info on the new episodes therein.


CHUD has a first look at the logo for the Halle Berry action flick.


Those zany kids at CHUD also wrote a report on a set visit they had, getting up close and personal with all the extraterrestrial critters. First director Paul Anderson talks a lot about the decision to put the action on present-day earth, his own fanboy experiences with the properties and just how much CGI you can expect.


DVD Answers reports that Fox is looking at a February release of the DVD in Australia, and have details of what they can expect down under.


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