Jeph Loeb Says There's 'Never Been Any Change' on "Iron Fist"

Since Marvel Television announced its Netflix plan two years ago, it's been quiet, news-wise, for one of the four main series: "Iron Fist." In an interview with CBR, Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb made it clear: Don't mistake no news for bad news, as plans are continuing unabated.

"There was a lot of speculation about what was going on with 'Iron Fist,' because [fans] hadn't heard anything about it, but there's never been any change at all," Loeb told CBR. When asked if fans can expect news in the near future on a star or showrunner, Loeb responded, "The short answer is, 'Yes, there'll be news.'"

This past July, an unconfirmed report surfaced that Marvel was facing creative hurdles with "Iron Fist," with the difficulty stemming from how to balance the many mystical elements of the comic book character with the much more grounded world of Marvel's other Netflix shows. Earlier this month, a widely circulated rumor stated that <"a href="https://www.comicbookresources.com/article/comic-reel-changes-rumored-for-netflixs-iron-fist-supergirl-tests-her-limits-in-new-clip">"Iron Fist" may be reconceptualized as a made-for-Netflix film, with a "Punisher" series taking its place -- a claim Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada rejected this week at a "Jessica Jones" premiere event.

According to Loeb, Marvel has deliberately held off on "Iron Fist" because he wanted to give "Jessica Jones," which debuted on Netflix today, the spotlight; especially given that she's a character that was largely unknown to mass audiences.

"We knew exactly what we were doing at Marvel and at Netflix," Loeb said. "Let's get ['Jessica Jones'] out there, everybody knows that 'Luke Cage' is up and going. What I can say right now is we're very excited about 'Iron Fist.'"

Marvel's first Netflix show, "Marvel's Daredevil," launched earlier this year, and a second season is now in production. The 13-episode first season of "Marvel's Jessica Jones" is now on Netflix, which introduces Mike Colter as Luke Cage -- who will headline his own Netflix series, "Marvel's Luke Cage," currently filming and developed by Cheo Hodari Coker. No actors or creatives have yet been announced for "Marvel's Iron Fist."

Following the "Iron Fist" debut, all four of the Marvel/Netflix heroes are scheduled to star in a team-up miniseries, titled "The Defenders."

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