Record-Breaking Jeopardy! Champion Wins on a Justice League Deep Cut

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For Jeopardy! contestant James Holzhauer, knowing a little bit of DC Comics history paid off big time.

Over the past 11 episodes of Jeopardy!, Holzhauer has won an astounding $771,920 on the game show and demolished the record for the most amount of money won in a single day, twice.

On Thursday's Jeopardy!, Holzhauer, a professional sports gambler, continued his run as the show's champion by correctly answering a trivia question about an obscure piece of Justice League continuity in the "Final Jeopardy" round.

In the category "Comic Book Superheroes," Holzhauer and his fellow contestants, Samantha Merwin and Gregory Bodkin, were given the following clue: "During his years with the Justice League of America, this superhero sometimes used the secret identity “C. King.”

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While Merwin and Bodkin incorrectly responded with Superman and Batman, Holzhauer won with his correct answer, "Who is Aquaman?"

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek explained that Aquaman's "C. King" alias is a play on the phrase "sea king," which alludes to Aquaman's title as the King of the Seven Seas.

As The Jeopardy! Fan notes, Aquaman used this identity in 1964's Justice League of America #27, by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. In the story, Aquaman says that he briefly used the identity while covertly trying to apprehend a group of smugglers.

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Aquaman C King

Later on, Aquaman, who goes by Arthur Curry on dry land, and the rest of the League also reactivated Amazo, their old android foe, to take down I, an omnipotent extra-dimensional alien.

With his correct answer, Holzhauer added $74,920 to his total winnings. While he still hasn't quite made the $1.1 billion that Aquaman earned at the worldwide box office, Holzhauer has already won more money than every other regular season contestant than Ken Jennings in less than two weeks.

Jeopardy! is currently in its 35th season and airs daily in syndication.

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