New Red Hood Cosplay Photos Prove Jensen Ackles Has to Play Jason Todd


Red Hood has gradually become part of Jensen Ackles' image, having voiced the character and cosplayed as him in the past, but new photos have fans wanting him to play Jason Todd and his alter ego in his own movie.

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Ackles was also Red Hood for Halloween in 2018, complete with a mask under the hood.

"Realistically, having the costume live in my closet for the rest of eternity seemed useless anyway, and what better use for a designated character outfit than to have the voice actor (and a truly excellent choice for a face-claim) wear it for Halloween," the costume designer explained.

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"I will never forget when he looked in the full-length mirror, straightened his jacket, and said, 'Man, I have never felt so cool. I feel like a real superhero,'" he added. The 'me' who put Red Hood on my dream-costume list years earlier never thought this would be how I would check it off."


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