Jennifer Lawrence & 'Hunger Games' Director Join James Cameron's 'The Dive'

After three life-and-death outings in The Hunger Games franchise, star Jennifer Lawrence and director Francis Lawrence (no relation) will reteam for another dramatic outing with some pretty big names in tow.

The Wrap has the news that the Oscar-winning actress and the man behind the camera for her last three outings as Katniss Everdeen are teaming with executive producer James Cameron for The Dive -- a true life story of survival about "free divers" Francisco “Pipin” Ferraras and his wife Audrey Mestre. Lawrence's characte of Mestre died attempting to break a world's record to see who could travel the furthest into the ocean's depths with a single breath of air -- a feet her husband later completed as documented by Cameron.

The screenplay for The Dive is written by veteran movie, TV and comics scribe J. Michael Staczynski (a first draft was completed by Laeta Kalogridis). The film will be produced by Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment for 20th Century Fox.

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