Jennifer Blood Vol. 2: Beautiful People

Jen Fellows is a housewife with two kids, a devoted husband, a beautiful suburban home, two cars, a plasma TV, a Mk. 153 SMAW Launcher, an AK47, ten pounds of C4, a large number of grenades, several hundred rounds of hollow-point ammunition, a great big knife...Jen Fellows was also Jennifer Blood, a vengeance-fuelled vigilante taking brutal revenge on the five men who destroyed her parents. But now that she's finished off the last of them, her mission is over at last. All's well that ends well? In a word... no. It turns out you can't murder the five heads of a crime family - plus various assorted bodyguards, associates, ninja schoolgirl assassins, etc. - without any consequences. There are leftover weapons to dispose of, nosy neighbours who might know a little too much, kids getting too curious about the hidden armory in the basement, detectives picking up all the clues you forgot you dropped... and a consortium of rich and powerful people, with private armies of highly trained mercenaries at their command, who want a little revenge of their own.


• Issues 7-12 of the hit series by Al Ewing and Kewber Baal

• All issue covers by Tim Bradstreet, Ale Garza and more

• Cover sketches by Tim Bradstreet

• Writer's commentary for Jennifer Blood #7 by Al Ewing

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