Jennifer Blood TPB, vol. #5


She is no longer orphaned teen Jessica Blute, or suburban mom Jen Fellows, or the notorious vigilante known as Jennifer Blood. She is now just another inmate of Las Chacales Women's Correctional Facility. But in her life she has faced - and defeated - unimaginable horrors and overwhelming odds. She knows she can survive this place. She knows that she MUST survive - because her fight is not yet over. And very quickly, Jennifer learns that someone on the outside is working on a plan... She has no idea what that plan is, or who is behind it. She only knows that she is part of it, and for it to work, she will have to change. But before she can do anything, she has a major problem to overcome... She has been stabbed in the back a dozen times by her fellow prisoners. Right now, Jennifer Blood is bleeding out into the dirt.

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