Jennifer Blood TPB, vol. #4

Once she was Jennifer Blood, housewife by day, vigilante by night, taking bloody vengeance on the men who murdered her father. Then it all went horribly wrong. Now Jen Fellows is exposed and on the run - from the police, from the disgraced Detective Elaine Pruitt, and from Ray Buwick and his psychotic Ninjettes. With her husband's blood on her hands and murder in her heart, all she wants is to find a quiet place to settle down with her two kidnapped, traumatized children. And maybe Revere, New Mexico, is the perfect little town to make that dream come true. Or maybe it isn't. As multiple factions converge on her hiding place, bringing a bloody storm of mayhem and death down on the heads of those she claims to love, will Jen escape the conflagration? Or will her father's demons end up claiming her as well?

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