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Jennifer Blood #2

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Jennifer Blood #2

This comic is about the new mob crusher who moonlights as a housewife, or vice versa. A dominant, and true, role has yet to truly be decided upon. The debut was solid with an interesting tone, but it missed a slight hook to the narrative. This issue is the opportunity to capitalize, but it is sadly lost.

Seeing major killing expeditions plotted by a particular and smart housewife makes for a fun comic. It’s a great pitch, and there are hints that it will then develop into a story. So far, Blood has blown up some bad guys and there are hints of more to come. It’s all pretty standard except for her plain and thus mildly amusing attention to detail and wanting to be good at her job. Ennis uses her inner voice to juxtapose the violent tale and the pairing is good, if still a little thin.

Sometimes you just have to assume Ennis writes in these shadowy worlds because he likes writing degenerates. He likes to vent the impure filth from his mind. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always pleasant to read. The obscenities here barely mean anything, and you certainly aren’t asked to empathize with any of the mobsters, but it would be nice if the comic didn’t toe the line of reading like Ennis fanfic. It’s vulgar but not to really propel anything forward other than its adult rating.

Batista’s art, while on tone in the first issue, feels inconsistent here. Certain pages feel polished while others are scratchy. Ultimately, he hits the depravity well. In an Ennis comic like this, that’s going to be the most important thing.

This comic would be alright if we didn’t already get all this last week. This is just more of our titular character taking out some more mob goons. While that wasn’t too bad in the first issue, the title needs to elevate its aims if it’s going to capitalize on a cool premise and turn it into a good story. If not, we get some standard and good enough crime horror but nothing spectacular.