Jenkins and Ramos' <I>FairyQuest</I> finally makes its way to the U.S.

After years of waiting, Humberto Ramos had to take it into his own hands to bring his European graphic novel FairyQuest to America.

After initial plans to go through an un-named publisher fell through, Ramos has decided to self-publish the book in an extremely limited edition of 1000 at this year's Comic-Con International at San Diego. Created with long-time collaborator Paul Jenkins, FairyQuest was released in Europe almost three years ago, but the duo couldn't find the right publisher to bring it to the states.

Although best known now for his work on Amazing Spider-Man, Ramos has done numerous creator-owned projects such as Crimson and Out There at DC/Wildstorm, and even an earlier European series called K.

The sneak peeks over the years have kept my motor running, and I'm glad come July I'll finally be able to get my hands on Ramos' rarest work.

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