Jen Van Meter responds to comments on that Power Girl/Cyclone scene

Last week Esther Inglis-Arkell over at the 4thletter called out a scene in the recent JSA: 80 Page Giant comic where Cyclone and Power Girl have a discussion about the latter's costume ... or, more specifically, the great big hole right in the middle of it.

"Are you kidding me? I’m getting an ‘I choose my choice’ speech from a fictional character?" Inglis-Arkell wrote. "Feminist fans are getting a slap because they won’t accept one bullshit excuse after another for why male heroes are mostly fully-clothed and female heroes mostly walk around in their underwear?"

That original post sparked up quite the discussion around the 'net, not only at the 4thletter, but also at The Beat, Jezebel, Comics Alliance and right here at Robot 6, among many others.

You'd think that sort of attention might send the story's writer, Jen Van Meter, running for cover, but instead she shows up in the 4thletter comments section to explain her intent when writing the story.

"A friend forwarded me links to your post and to a couple other blogs that have picked up on your comments, and I feel compelled to reply because you’re right — I failed in what I was trying to accomplish with the 'Spin Cycle' story, or, at the very least, I failed you and many of your respondents," Van Meter posted.

Inglis-Arkell pulled the comment out into its own post, which I encourage you to read ... it isn't often you get to see a writer offer insight into a story where they "misstepped," as Van Meter notes.

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