Jeffrey Brown takes aim at the Transformers again in <i>Incredible Change-Bots Two</i>

Or does he? According to cartoonist Jeffrey Brown's interview with CBR's Alex Dueben, the upcoming sequel to his hit transforming-robot action-parody Incredible Change-Bots owes a bit less to the robots in disguise and more to his desire just to play around some more with the characters he concocted for Volume One -- and to spoof the Superman mythos, of all things...

Brown's threatening to toss G.I. Joe into the mix if there's ever an Incredible Change-Bots Three. Incredible Cross-Over! Me, I'm waiting for the Awesomebots and Fantasticons to enter the actual Jeffrey Brown-verse, wrecking shop as he sits in a coffee shop drawing in his sketchbook and listening to the latest Death Cab album.

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