Jeff Weigel's 'Dragon Girl' reveals creatures' not-so-scary side

You may think you know dragons, but unless you've met one, you're wrong. That's the story of Jeff Weigel's upcoming graphic novel Dragon Girl: The Secret Valley.

Set for release June 3 by Andrews McNeel Publishing, Dragon Girl follows a young girl named Alanna growing up in medieval times who lucks upon a nest of dragon eggs and learns they're not the tyrannical monsters her society makes them out to be. On the surface, Wiegel's story might be comparable to How to Train Your Dragon, but upon reading it's more akin to the children's pony book subgenre (Black Beauty, et al.) ... but with, y'know, dragons.

Weigel might not be a familiar name in comic shops, but the Illinois-based artist has excelled in the children's book market with his series Atomic Ace and the Zombie trilogy with Michael P. Spradlin. Wiegel, who was nominated in 1998 for the Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award, teaches at Webster University and the Center for Contemporary Arts in St. Louis.

Here's a preview of Dragon Girl: The Secret Valley:

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