Jeff Smith Returns to Bone With Smiley's Dream Book

The week of Comic-Con International in San Diego is one packed full of announcements for comics, film, TV and more, but while many publishers and studios pull out all the stops to get their projects noticed, legendary creator Jeff Smith may have dropped one of the most exciting announcements with relatively little fanfare. According to a Tumblr post — and a cardboard sign Smith was carrying around on the show floor — the creator is returning to the world of Bone for a new original story featuring Smiley Bone, due out next year.

While little has been announced outside of the title, Smiley's Dream Book, it isn't too much of a stretch to guess that it will star Fone Bone's cigar-chomping, dim-witted cousin Smiley Bone. Jeff Smith has been revisiting Boneville more often recently, since last year's 25th anniversary of the series saw the publication of the Bone: Coda original graphic novel.


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While Bone remains one of the greatest all-ages comics of all time, it wasn't without its fair share of terror, heartbreak and loss, but judging from the cover for Smiley's Dream Book it looks to skew more towards a happy and playful tone.

Smiley's Dream Book will be published via Scholastic's Graphix imprint which is the current publisher of Bone in its most recent printings.

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