Jeff Smith responds to effort to remove <i>Bone</i> from school district's libraries

During his spotlight panel at C2E2, cartoonist Jeff Smith reacted to Friday's news that a parent in suburban Minneapolis-St. Paul is seeking to remove Bone from the school district's libraries.

"It just broke yesterday; I don't know anymore about it than you do," Smith said on Saturday, responding to a question from the audience. "She objected to the gambling, smoking and drinking and the sexiness. I feel sorry for her son. He's going to be really embarrassed, but you know, not everybody has to like my stuff. That's fine. But I really can't go along with this un-American concept of banning books. Let the Nazis do that."

The parent, Ramona DeLay of Apple Valley, Minnesota, filed a formal request with the school district last month asking that Bone: The Dragonslayer be "withdrawn from all students" because it depicts drinking, smoking, gambling and "sexual situations between characters."

According to KSTP TV, DeLay is seeking to remove the entire series from the district's 18 elementary schools; 12 of those schools have at least one volume of Bone available to students.

The district's Reconsideration Review Committee will meet on April 27 to consider DeLay's request. The good news is that of the 20 similar cases heard by the committee since the early 1990s, materials were removed from library shelves in just three instances.

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