Jeff Smith Creates New "Bone" Comic To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years after Bone's debut, Jeff Smith will return to his popular character for an all-new tale. Announced via Boneville, "Bone: Coda" will see Smith return to the character the he wrote and illustrated for 55 issues between 1991 and 2004.

Arriving this July, the series will commemorate "Bone's" 25th anniversary with a "new (and completely superfluous!) adventure featuring the Bone cousins." The issue, which will be written and drawn by Jeff Smith, will focus on the cousins and Bartleby as they travel across a desert back to Boneville.

The "Bone: Coda" graphic novel will come with a newly-illustrated and complete "Bone" companion written by Stephen Weiner. The OGN will also include behind-the-scenes photos as well as information from Smith about the making of the series and an afterword by the author.

"Bone: Coda" arrives this July from Cartoon Books.

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