Jeff Nicholson's 'Colonia' joins AiT/Planet Lar

Official Press Release

[Colonia]SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (October 16, 2001) Publisher Larry Young announced today that his publishing house, AiT/Planet Lar, is offering a collection of Colonia Press' first five issues of COLONIA as a complete trade paperback collection.

"I have loved Jeff Nicholson's work from as far back as ULTRAKLUTZ and THROUGH THE HABITRAILS," Young said. "But it wasn't until this year's Alternative Press Expo that I thought of collecting Jeff's work."

Publisher Mimi Rosenheim had a hand is setting up this latest offering: "I was roaming about the floor of the convention, looking for possible things to publish that caught my eye," said Rosenheim. "I gotta give it up for Dave Glanzer and Fae Desmond of the San Diego show; they put on an awesome convention at A.P.E. that allowed me to go back to our booth and ask Larry what he'd thought of COLONIA, and of course he was already a huge fan. A quick word with Jeff Nicholson, and we were in business for a collection of the first five issues."

"I've been a big fan of Jeff's expressive line work for quite some time," said Young, "…and I think COLONIA is a neglected gemstone. Sometimes the greater comic book industry doesn't know what to make of idiosyncratic visions of genius like COLONIA, and AiT/Planet Lar has been making a career of bringing such genius to mainstream attention. COLONIA is such a work, let me tell you. Sure, it may defy description, what with its compelling narrative which relies on pirates, mermaids, talking ducks, and men-made-of-fish; but also is it grounded in the reality of a man thrust into a situation not of his own making. It's a very basic story structure with a very personal manner of relation. It speaks to me, and it speaks to many people in the wake of current events. Sometimes, things are bigger than what you're willing to face, and yet, face the you do, just like Jack and his uncles in COLONIA," Young continued.

"A COLONIA collection through the energetic company that is AiT/Planet Lar is just very exciting," said Nicholson.

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