Jeff Nicholson on New ''Colonia'' Collection

As reported in Monday's Comic Wire, next year AiT/Planet Lar will be giving fans of Jeff Nicholson's "Colonia" what they've been asking for: a collected edition featuring the first five issues of the acclaimed series.

"Larry [Young]'s wife and equally powerful salesperson pitched the idea while I did a sketch for her (Adarrow with space helmets on each 'fish' appendage) at the 2001 APE," Nicholson told the Comic Wire on Tuesday. "I was overly impressed by her and Larry's 'steam' as a publisher, so that's what converted me."

As is the current fashion, Nicholson will be adding some extras to the collected edition beyond the previously released material.

"I have 20 pages of pre-'Colonia' #1 development sketches. That will either go in as 20 pages or as 10 pages of half size reductions. I don't have any other extra material to offer."

For current fans of the series, as nice as getting the first five issues collected into a single paperback is, nicer still will be all-new material. That's on the way, never fear.

"'Colonia' #7 is all written and broken down as a 20 page story in a 24 page issue. It's part one of a two part sequence with the second story arc. I think early 2002 is a best guess, and I hope it coincides with the AIT collection."

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