Jeff Mariotte's Horror/Western Hybrid Returns with "Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams"

Officia Press Release

San Diego, CA -Bestselling novelist Jeff Mariotte's (Angel: Old Friends) critically acclaimed, historically authentic horror/western series has seen its share of great art in the past. The book was co-created by artist John Cassaday, and from there, comics luminaries both veteran (John Severin) and newcomer (Jeremy Haun) have put pencil to paper in furthering their adventures.

Now, the Desperadoes are saddling back up for another adventure, this time with artist Alberto Dose (Spider-Man's Tangled Web), for a four-issue miniseries about buffalo, the past, the future, and the mysteries of the universe.

In Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams, we catch up with the Desperadoes in Lordsburg, NM, right where we left them at the end of Desperadoes: Banners of Gold. As the group recollects themselves following their previous escapades, events soon conspire to draw them back onto the trail where they are mysteriously led to a rendezvous with the legendary Apache leader Geronimo. At his request, Giddeon Brood, his psychically gifted friend Abby DeGrazia, and the rest of their crew find themselves on a mission to investigate the cause of the dwindling buffalo herd.

"Western comics have made a bit of a comeback in recent years, which I'm glad to see, and I'd like to think the acclaim for Desperadoes over the years had something to do with it," says Desperadoes creator Jeff Mariotte. "With Buffalo Dreams I hope to remind people that it takes more than hats and horses to make a real Western story--it takes a genuine understanding of the historical and mythical West and a willingness to do the necessary research. My ranch is smack in the middle of historic Western turf, in Geronimo's country, just down the road from Tombstone, and I'm a proud member of the Western Writers of America. I know the West and I think Alberto and I have come up with a tale that's both authentic and imaginative, that'll keep readers flipping pages to see what comes next--while confounding their expectations at every turn."

IDW Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall added "Alberto Dose continues on the legacy of great art on Desperadoes titles, with a style reminiscent of Eduardo Risso and Marcelo Frusin, but entirely his own, too. Alberto's level of detail and skill really brings the Old West to life once again."

Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams (Diamond Order Code NOV06 3663) is a four-part mini-series written by Jeff Mariotte, with artwork by Alberto Dose. The first issue premieres in January 2007.

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