Jeff Lemire offers a sweet promotion for fans

To celebrate the debut this week of his Vertigo series Sweet Tooth, cartoonist Jeff Lemire (the Essex County trilogy, The Nobody) is offering a great promotion: Mail him your copy of the first issue, and he'll return it signed along with a sketch.

What's more, there's no limit. Send him multiple copies -- with a self-addressed stamped envelope, naturally -- and he'll give you multiple sketches.

"I am really excited to spread the word on Sweet Tooth," Lemire tells CBR's Jeffrey Renaud, "and want to give those readers that don't 'wait for the trade' something extra. I really believe in Sweet Tooth, and I want as many people as possible to share in the post-apocalyptic road trip with me!"

Full details, and Lemire's address, are available on his blog.

Look for Chris Mautner's review of Sweet Tooth #1 this afternoon on Robot 6.

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