Jeff Lemire Comments On DC Comics' Actions Regarding Berganza

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Over the weekend, DC Comics announced it has suspended longtime editor Eddie Berganza after new details emerged about previous allegations of sexual misconduct in and outside the office.

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Berganza, who worked at DC since 1992, rose in prominence at the industry giant over the years, even after multiple sources came forward detailing his behavior. Since the new details emerged, multiple DC alum have issued statements on the matter, and last night, author and artist Jeff Lemire (Royal CityBlack HammerDescender) added his name to that list.

On Twitter, Lemire stated, "I love DC Comics and their characters and love working with them. But Eddie Berganza should have been fired a long time ago. I believe and support all of the women who spoke out. But more of us should have supported them before this weekend," before following with, "...And more of us, myself included, should have had the guts to at least say something earlier in the weekend before the suspension. Men in comics we all need to do better."

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Details of Berganza's behavior have long simmered within the comic book community, coming into the larger public eye last week via a Buzzfeed exposé. After multiple incidents were reported in-house -- at least two of which included DC employees -- the company demoted Berganza back in 2012, a move seen by many as insufficient, and one that gained newfound prominence in 2016 following the release of longtime Vertigo editor Shelly Bond from her position.

Berganza has yet to issue a statement.

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