Marvel Vs. DC: Jeff Goldblum Gets Tested On His Superhero Knowledge

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Veteran actor Jeff Goldblum, who recently starred as antagonist Grandmaster in Marvel Studios' 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok, was recently tested on his knowledge of Marvel Comics and DC comic book superheroes.

The MTV News interview saw Goldblum given the name of a character, with the actor having to state whether that character originated from Marvel or DC, starting with Batman.

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"Well, of course I remember Adam West," Goldblum said before beginning to sing the opening theme to the 1960s Batman television series and going on a tangent about Julie Newmar's Catwoman. Ultimately, he did correctly state that Batman was a DC character.

The second superhero the interviewer named was the iconic adamantium-clawed mutant Wolverine. "I know that Wolverine," Goldblum said, mimicking the character's claws with his hands. "And that's Hugh Jackman. He sings up a storm too."

"I've always wanted to play a character with mutton chops," he continued. "Anyway, well that's a part of X-Men, so X-Men must be DC."

Goldblum was then told he guessed incorrectly and that Wolverine and the X-Men actually fall under the Marvel banner. The interviewer then pressed forward with the mutant theme by giving Goldblum the name of the classic X-Men leader, Cyclops.

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"Well, I love Cyclops," Goldblum proclaimed. "Cyclops appeared in Ulysses with Kirk Douglas... But Cyclops now? I didn't even know of such a thing."

From there, the camera comically panned to Goldblum's The Mountain co-star Tye Sheridan, who was sitting just to his left. Of course, Sheridan currently plays the character Scott Summers/Cyclops in 20th Century Fox's X-Men film series, having made his first appearance in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse before making a brief cameo in 2018's Deadpool 2. He is set to reprise his role later this year in Dark Phoenix.

"That's Cyclops?!" Goldblum exclaimed. "When are you Cyclops?" Sheridan replied, "As of the past several years."

Goldblum concluded the interview by apologizing to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

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