Jeff Bridges Confirmed For <i>R.I.P.D.</i>

Jeff Bridges has signed on to star opposite Ryan Reynolds in R.I.P.D., the Universal Pictures adaptation of the 2000 Dark Horse miniseries, TheWrap reports.

The Academy Award winner began negotiations last month to replace Zach Galifianakis, who withdrew from the Robert Schwentke-directed supernatural comedy over scheduling uncertainties created by Warner Bros.' option for Reynolds to shoot a Green Lantern sequel.

Created by Peter M. Lenkov and Lucas Marangon, R.I.P.D. centers on the Rest In Peace Department, a divine law-enforcement division comprised of ghosts who grapple with spirits who aren’t ready to depart this world. Reynolds stars as Nick Cruz, a recently murdered police officer who trades 100 years of service to the R.I.P.D. in exchange for a shot at finding his killer. Bridges will play Reynolds’ partner, a wise-cracking ghost who’s been hunting spirits since the 19th century.

Clash of the Titans screenwriters Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay penned the script. Dark Horse's Mike Richardson will produce with Neal Moritz and David Dobkin.

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